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Your iPhone Might Be Secretly Taking Photos Of You

Apple will likely take a closer look at the security of the iPhone's camera after a Google developer created an app (on his own time) that takes unauthorized photos of its user every second and uploads them. 

The problem is when a user gives the app permission to access the camera, that allows it to take video or photos whenever it's opened, from either the front or the back camera, and there is no indication that it's doing it. Malicious apps take advantage of this privacy loophole and use it to secretly record people.    

The developer proved it with his app, which also exploited and recorded the iPhones new facial recognition software that interprets emotions. 

The engineer warned that iPhone apps could monitor users' emotions, record what they are saying or even live stream video of them while they're in the bathroom. 

He feels the problem is that app permissions are indefinite and thinks Apple should make them temporary. He also wants Apple to install a warning light that notifies people if their phone is recording. 

Apple has not yet commented.

In the meantime, check which of your apps have camera permissions by going into your Settings, going to Privacy and selecting Camera. Be sure to turn off access to any apps you don't think need it.


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