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Say Hello To "Naked Gym!"

With the New Year comes New Year resolutions, and just about everyone’s going to make a commitment to getting less flabby in 2018. I know I am...but, I'm not sure about THIS one...

Starting on Friday, Harry Hanson and Hanson Fitness in New York City will be offering his “naked fitness” classes. The first body-building-in-the-buff classes will feature three sessions during the week: one all male, one all female, and one mixed!!

Okay...honestly, I would do the MIXED...IF I could keep MY clothes on while the ladies did not... 

The class itself will feature a total body workout using body-weight-resistance for your butt, legs, and core, plus it’ll hopefully help you to feel better about how you look naked. 

Um...PLEASE tell me that you have to bring your OWN workout mat.........

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