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The Worst Winter States – Ranked

Winter doesn’t end until March 20th – no matter what that rat in Punxatawny says – and most of the country’s already sick to death of it. Between the cold and the snow, it’s become painfully clear that the only people who enjoy it truly have a screw loose.

Then there’s the argument about who has it worst. There’s a new list out that ranks each state on who has the toughest time during the cold months. 

Illinois was ranked as having the 13th worst winter, mainly because of all the lake-effect snow they get in Chicago...downstate doesn't have it nearly as bad. 

THEN...there's Iowa...ranked No. 11 on the list. Even Wikipedia calls Iowa winters “harsh”...and you can believe everything you read in Wikipedia, right? 

Here are some of the other highlights – let the arguments begin.

  • Minnesota – Their outward happiness only masks the pain of dealing with Alberta Clippers, Panhandle Hooks, and all that other misery that the season brings.
  • Michigan – From Halloween to Easter it’s grey, dark, and cold. There are places that get more snow, but the lack of sun gets old quick.
  • Alaska – This shouldn’t be a shock to anyone, and it takes a special kind of being to tough it out up here.
  • North Dakota – One good blizzard will show you why.
  • Maine – The Maine attitude towards winter is a positive one, and that keeps them sane when it gets rough.
  • South Dakota – Four degrees warmer than North Dakota on average. Yes!
  • Wisconsin – Every city and town has three bars in it. Winter’s the reason.
  • Idaho – The northern part might as well be Canada, and the winds are just delightful.
  • Montana – The Continental Divide can change things drastically depending on if you’re East or West of it.
  • Massachusetts – Pick your poison: warmer winters with heavy snow, or bitter and nasty cold. If you’re lucky, you might get both on opposite ends of the season.

50 Hawaii – Uh…they DO get wind.

Source: Thrillist

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