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Traffic Cameras Might Be HISTORY Soon!!

Increase Use Of CCTV For Traffic Fines Raises ?300 Million

FINALLY...the state of Iowa may be doing away with speed/traffic enforcement cameras! An Iowa House panel approved the measure and, if passed, would go into effect July 1st! The BAD news: Any tickets you get between now and then would still have to be paid.

I got one (actually two) tickets at 3:30 am back when I did mornings. It was the corner of Elmore and Kimberly...I turned right on red, but apparently I didn't come to a "full and complete stop." Probably because I was the ONLY vehicle at that intersection. I did the ol' "Missouri roll"...looked...then proceeded. When I called the police department, they graciously said they would tear up that ticket and explained the law to me. THEN...informed me that I had gotten ANOTHER ONE that morning, which they would NOT be tearing up! Oh well...lesson learned. UNTIL LAST YEAR...when I got one on US 61 in Muscatine for going 47 in a 35...don't remember seeing the speed limit change and I don't recall seeing a sign warning of "photo enforcement." Which is part of the problem.

One of the arguments is that these cameras are nothing more than a way for the city to make additional revenue. Police departments argue it's about safety...although, I can rack up a thousand tickets, pay them, and I STILL have my license and it WON'T affect my insurance. So is it REALLY about safety?


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