Women Love Strip Clubs And Dirty Talk

With Valentine’s Day coming up, it might not be a bad investment to make your sex life better.

The people over at simpatic.us want you to have a better relationship. So, for a reasonable per-couple fee ($40), they’ll give you and your lady a 170-question survey. Then, they compare your answers, and let you BOTH know what you might not know you BOTH want to try in the bedroom. You might be surprised at how kinky and experimental the two of you are. Oh, and if you’re both not into something then it won’t show up on your report.

Their research has found that there are four things that women dig the hell out of. This is the kind of intelligence that you can make great headway with if you play it right…so listen up.

  • Dirty Talk – Nearly 81% of women said they wanted it…after all, the brain’s the biggest of the sex organs. Saying what feels good and what you want while it’s happening can lead to great things.
  • Strippers – Close to 70% of women said they’d love to go to a strip club with their guy…and not just for the amazing buffet lunch.
  • Remote-Controlled Sex Toys – Not only did 63% say they wanted to use them, but 44% said they wanted their guy to use it on them in public. Hot.
  • Blindfolds – Women said they wanted to be blindfolded by their guy to the tune of 58%. That way they can expect the unexpected…just don’t go running off to watch television and leaving them there. Although, that would be a funny one-time prank.

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