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There's A Lot Of Drinkin' In Illinois And Iowa

No matter how much you might enjoy a nice drink from time to time, there are always those that consistently overdo it and ruin things for everyone. Now, data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was gone over with a fine-tooth comb, and from it we’ve gotten our hands on a list of the drunkest states in the Union. Here’s a look:

  • North Dakota – Nearly one-in-four adults report “binge drinking” or “drinking heavily,” and they’ve got the highest roadway fatality rate related to drinking.
  • Wisconsin – A mere point-two percentage points behind North Dakota.
  • Alaska – Just over 22% of adults say their drinking’s over-the-top.
  • Montana – They also have the 2nd highest percentage of booze-related roadway fatalities.
  • Illinois – Coming in at 21.2% of adults reporting heavy drinking.
  • Minnesota – Just missing the top five by one-tenth of a point.
  • Iowa – 21% report heavy drinking, but fortunately they’ve got the 7thlowest roadway fatality rate.
  • Hawaii – Wealthier states tend to have higher drinking rates.
  • Nebraska – Just over one-in-five are doing the binge drinking thing.
  • Michigan – Rounding out the top ten at exactly 20%.

The bottom five look like this:

50 Tennessee – They’re the least drunk at 11.2%

49 West Virginia – They have an 11.4% rate, but they rank the highest in

percentage of citizens in “fair to poor health” at 24%.

48 Utah – They also have the fewest drink-related traffic deaths.

47 Alabama – The Auburn-Opelika area’s the biggest drinking area.

46 Mississippi – Lower income states tend to have lower drunk rates.

Source: 13 News Now

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