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I'm On Vacation This Week

Although, considering how many little projects I got done around the house, I may need a recuperate from my vacation...

Monday, we got our son, Elliott, moved in at UW-Platteville. We learned something very valuable: Always wait until the last day to move in! Last year, we only had one hour to get his stuff in his dorm, since he was in marching band (they limited move-in to just one hour). We had to go back the following weekend to finish moving him in, which was a chore since EVERYONE ELSE was ALSO moving in. THIS year, we waited till Monday afternoon...which was great because their entire move-in helper staff (student volunteers) were on duty...for the 10 people who had yet to move in. We got two carloads of stuff up to his dorm room in under 20 minutes! BONUS: His roommate had his loft already set up when we walked in. Have you ever tried to set up one of those? In a room full of stuff?! Yeah...big pain in the butt. We owe his roommate dinner or something...

Tuesday, I tackled some projects around the house. Got the windows on the main level all cleaned (window sill and frames, included). Replaced a ceramic soap dish in the kids' bathroom shower. Installed a new light fixture in our daughter's closet. Cleaned my workbench...

Wednesday...FINISHED cleaning my workbench (which wouldn't be a problem, if I would just learn to put my tools away when I'm done). I cooked dinner for my in-laws (smoked a 7-pound brisket, made my smokey beans, and other sides). Finished the soap dish in the bathroom (used grout to install it...had to wait 24 hours before caulking it). 

TODAY...helping my wife install wall paper on an accent wall in the "powder room" bathroom off the kitchen. Okay...I did the high stuff...she took care of the rest. YES...a few dirty words came out of my mouth. I think it's actually state law that a person must cuss when putting up wall paper.

TOMORROW, it's our 22nd wedding I'll probably be doing whatever my wife wants. That's okay...because Saturday it's college football and Sunday my Packers play the Bears.

How was YOUR week?

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