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Thieves’ Payday Ruined By “Shop With A Cop” Promotion

Stupid Criminal Files

Prior to Christmas, a Target store in Michigan was doing an event for local disadvantage children. It was called “Shop With A Cop,” where around 15 officers were helping 22 kids picked out presents for their families. Two women, Keiana Wilson and Dana Johnson, didn’t get the memo. These ladies allegedly tried to make off with around $1,900 worth of electronics from the very same store that was loaded with police at the very same time…and the Apple watches, gaming system and iPads never even made it to the parking lot.

And...while we're on the subject. Here's some MORE stupid criminal stories for your reading pleasure...

Man Burns Down His House Over Fear Of Vampires: A man from Daytona Beach, Florida has been arrested after burning down his own house over his fear of vampires. Police say Melvin Weaver’s wife actually tried to have him committed for his mental health, but he was acting rationally once police arrived. Then, later that day, he reportedly started going on a rampage, hitting his wife, breaking windows and yelling “the vampires are going to defend themselves” before setting the house on fire. He’s now facing charges of aggravated battery and arson.

Robber Held Up Bank With Stick, Arrested After Falling From Tree: Police have arrested a man accused of robbing a bank in Massachusetts with a stick. Michael Taylor led police on a four-hour search, but was ultimately found and captured after he fell out of a tree when a branch broke. He’s been charged with armed robbery, resisting arrest, and failing to stop for police.

Man Punches Tree In Half After First Drink In Eight Months: A man from the United Kingdom had a pretty wild night after drinking his first pint of beer in eight months. The 22-year-old got so drunk he ended up punching an “ornamental tree” in half.Apparently, Christopher Dixon had been away on a business trip for eight months and didn’t drink until he got back, which resulted in him drinking a little too much. A court has ordered Dixon to pay more than $150 for the damaged “tree.”

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