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Super Bowl Viewership Hits A 10-Year Low

Seems like Super Bowl 53 notched its second low score in as many days.

Because one day after the Patriots and Rams played to the lowest Super Bowl final ever—a 13-3 Pats win—came this low score.

It’s overnight TV rating.

And that rating of 44.9 was the lowest since Super Bowl 43 between the Steelers and Cardinals.

It’s also a 5.2-percent ratings decline from last year’s game between the Patriots and Eagles in Minneapolis.

The five highest-rated Super Bowls, per, were Super Bowl 49 (49.7), Super Bowl 50(49.0), Super Bowl 51 (48.8), Super Bowl 47 (48.1), and Super Bowl 45 (47.9).

The poor performance of the Super Bowl comes at the end of a season that featured increased ratings due to increased scoring and generally exciting games. The league will be hoping that the trend continues in 2019, and that unlike this year it lasts through the title game.

CBS has announced that an average of 100.7 million viewers consumed the game—a trend that should still be troubling for the NFL as last year’s Super Bowl audience was just 4 million. The year before that, it was 111.3 million. The high-water mark came four years ago, when Super Bowl XLIX drew an audience of 114.4 million.

ON A COACHING NOTE: Rams head coach Sean McVay admits that he just "got outcoached" by Bill Belichick . You know, I'm no coaching authority, but he probably should have scrapped that strategy of three downs and hand it to the punter...

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