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McDonald's French Fries The Cure For Baldness?!

No guy likes the thought of going bald – even though there are some that look 100% better that way. Here are the numbers: By the age of 35, approximately two-thirds of guys will experience “some form” of hair loss. By the time 50 rolls around, about 85% of guys will be sporting hair that’s “significantly thinner.” Fortunately for us, there’s generally a McDonald’s nearby. Wait, what?

Turns out, researchers from Yokohama National University says there’s may be a legitimate cure in one of the ingredients of America’s favorite French Fry. It seems an additive that McDonald’s uses in their French Fry oil – dimethylpolysiloxane – was “able to regrow hair on mice” and “mass produces hair-follicle germs.”

Now, none of this means that if you down a bunch of Mickey-D fries, you’ll suddenly look like David Hasselhoff. Nor, should any of you pour a vat of hot oil on your head in the hopes of maintaining your flowing locks. It does mean, however, that there are encouraging signs out there for the balding.

Gotta be honest...the only thing that would make this news even better is if we found out that McDonald's fries are ALSO a cure for obesity...

Source: Science Daily

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