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Meet The Person With The Perfect NCAA Bracket

Blank college basketball tournament bracket on paper

Let’s face it, your NCAA Tournament bracket is probably busted. Well, so is mine…but there’s someone out there who has correctly picked all 48 games played so far heading into the Sweet 16. According to, the “Center Road” bracket remains unblemished heading into the final rounds.

The odds of this happening are, putting it mildly, out of this world, per the NCAA: “For reference, if every game were a coin toss, the odds of predicting 48 in a row are 1 in 281,474,976,710,656. So, yeah, this is kind of impressive.” Seriously…you actually have a better shot of winning the Powerball.

If things continue to unfold the way “Center Road” predicts, then we’ll see a Final Four of Duke, Virginia, Gonzaga, and Kentucky, with Gonzaga taking Kentucky down in the Final and winning the National Championship.

You can take a look at the bracket here.

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