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And The Best New Food At The Iowa State Fair Was...

Crowds Flock To Iowa State Fair For A Taste Of Agricultural Bounty

While there was a lot of press about the Democratic candidates at the Iowa State Fair, most of the people at the fair were probably there for the food, because why else do people go to fairs? Well, it turns out there were a lot of new offerings at the Iowa State Fair this year, and now that it's over, one new food item has come out on top as the best new item for the year. 

Winning the honor of “Best New Food” at the Iowa State Fair is the “Georgia’s Roast With the Most,” which consists of beef pot roast, white rice with chorizo crumbles, roasted green chilies, cheddar jack cheese, corn tortilla crumbles and “candy corn salsa.” If that doesn’t sound good enough, it’s wrapped in a cheddar tortilla, and comes with “sour cream drizzle” and a side of “zesty salsa verde sauce.”

Runners up for the title included “Chicken Street Tacos" and “The Chief," which featured Navajo BBQ fried bread around smoked beef brisket (or smoked pork) with a cilantro-lime slaw. Other new food options included:

  • “bacon-wrapped pig wings” - pork shanks wrapped in bacon and deep-fried
  • “apple nachos”- cinnamon-sugar chips covered in caramel, apple filling, whipped cream and crushed Red Hots candies
  • The “super dog” - a hot dog stuffed inside a hollowed pickle, which is then deep-fried in corn dog batter

Source:Fox News

I can feel my arteries clogging up, even as we speak......

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