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Vacation In A North Pole Igloo? Yep...It's Now (An Expensive) Thing!

Northern lights glass igloo

So if you are someone who has always dreamed about spending the night in the most northern part of this world, have we got a trip for you.  A temporary hotel site is opening at the North Pole beginning in April 2020 and will be offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience for adventurous explorers. South-facing window pretty much guaranteed.

Only about 1,000 explorers a year make the trek to the desolate, uninhabited Arctic. Normally, they’d have to bring a tent along with the many supplies required to survive the hostile environment. Not anymore as you will now be able to stay in your very own igloo forjust$105,000 a night.

Guests of the North Pole Igloos will be equipped with a cozy cabin, en-suite bathroom, an on-site manager, a wilderness guide, chef and even hotel security. 

Source: CNN

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