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Would You Take A Pay Cut To Work From Home Permanently?

A lot of Americans have been working from home since March, and it seems not many are raring to get back to the office. In fact, a new survey finds that some would go so far as to take a pay cut if it means they could continue to work remotely. The survey finds:

  • 89% of Americans are currently working remotely due to the coronavirus.
  • 66% say they would take a pay cut in order to continue having the flexibility to work from home.
    • 14% would take a 1-4% pay cut
    • 29% would take a 5-14% pay cut
    • 17% would take a 15-24% pay cut
    • 7% would take a 25% or more pay cut
    • 34% would not take a lower salary for flexible remote work
  • Those 35 to 49 are most willing to take a pay cut (74%), as compared to:
    • 71% of those 18 to 34
    • 47% of those over 50
  • Men are also more willing than women to take a cut in salary (74% vs. 58%). 

The bottom line is a lot of people aren’t necessarily ready to return to the office.

  • 39% of those polled are less comfortable returning to the office as compared to just 30 days ago.
  • 30% feel the same level of comfort, while 29% feel more comfortable.
  • Folks in the South are the least comfortable with going back to the office (46%), followed by
    • The West (43%)
    • Midwest (34%)
    • Northeast (29%)

Source:Yahoo Finance

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