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No Spring Break This Year At Iowa, ISU, And UNI

Got kids in college? If their like mine, they don't always communicate everything the university sends their way, right? Well, consider yourself communicated to, if you have kids at UNI: They've modified their spring 2021 calendar in response to the ongoing pandemic. Here's what you need to know...

  • Spring classes will begin on Monday, Jan. 25, 2021.
  • Spring break will not be held.
  • Final exams will be held May 3-7, 2021

The college says that these changes will allow them to further protect students and faculty, while still holding a full spring semester of classes. The changes will also allow them to offer more select classes during winter break.

As for Iowa and Iowa State: Iowa State will begin the spring 2021 semester two weeks later than previously planned, beginning on January 25. The semester will end on May 6. Iowa State’s spring break had been scheduled for March 15-19, but classes will now be held during that week. The university will also have a five-week winter session starting on December 14 and ending on January 21, with classes held online. The spring 2021 semester at the Univeristy of Iowa will end on May 14, though professional programs are allowed to choose to keep their current schedules. Ending the spring 2021 semester on May 14 will allow the summer 2021 session to begin as scheduled on May 18.

So...your kids probably won't be happy that there won't be a Spring Break. But...for you? This means no kids coming home to mooch meals and make you do their laundry......!

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