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Eating Rotting Meat To Get High? YEP...It's A Thing!

Over the shoulder view of young Asian woman shopping in a supermarket. She is choosing meat and holding a packet of organic beef in front of the refrigerated section

27-year-old Daniel Larsson is part of the 'High Meat' movement which, despite the obvious risks, seems to be gaining traction online. Larsson says that he is never bothered by the smell of expired meat, saying that eating it gives the same effect as drinking two or three beers.

He says "In the beginning, I was a bit skeptical. But my friend has been doing it for over a year.

"I thought that since he didn't get sick, there was enough empirical evidence to say that I wouldn't get sick.

"Then I tried it, and it actually felt pretty good. The first night I tried it, I had some interesting dreams, more vivid and rather odd."

Although consuming raw meat is deadly, Daniel has never consulted a doctor about his High Meat habit. In fact, he believes that physicians and Google tend to exaggerate the side effects of everything. Daniel says he doesn't use just any old beef to get his kicks but only consumed meat from local, grass-fed cows and says he wouldn't trust beef that was imported from abroad. Once he buys the meat, he stores it in a plastic container in his fridge until it rots and ferments.

Daniel's personal relationships have taken a hit because of his habit. His girlfriend particularly is not in awe of him eating rancid meat. But he thinks that she just lives in a bubble that society has proposed to her.

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