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And The Rudest Drivers In America Are In...Not Iowa Or Illinois

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All of us have probably experienced driving next to a particularly rude driver. Heck, some of us may even be that rude driver. But it turns out there are some cities where rude drivers are more prevalent than others.

  • A new report by reveals the cities with the rudest drivers.
  • In addition to revealing the city in each state with the rudest driver, they also determined the rudest city overall.
  • According to the company, rude drivers have one or more of the following habits:
    • Failure to yield
    • Failure to stop
    • Improper backing
    • Passing where prohibited
    • Tailgating
    • Street racing
    • Hit-and-run

Based on this criteria Rancho Cordova, California is the city with the rudest drivers, with 65.37 of these violations per 1,000 drivers.

Top Five Cities with The Rudest Drivers

  1. Rancho Cordova, California: 65.37 per 1,000.
  2. Citrus Heights, California: 64.14 per 1,000.
  3. Ventura, California: 64.03 per 1,000.
  4. Hampton, Georgia: 62.35 per 1,000.
  5. Petersburg, Virginia: 53.36 per 1,000. 

On the opposite end, Somerset, Kentucky is the state with the most polite drivers, with only 1.62 of these violations per 1,000 drivers.

Top 5 Cities With The Most Polite Drivers

  1. Somerset, Kentucky: 1.62 per 1,000.
  2. Corbin, Kentucky: 1.86 per 1,000.
  3. Rio Rancho, New Mexico: 3.8 per 1,000.
  4. Metairie, Louisiana: 17.94 per 1,000.
  5. Southaven, Mississippi: 19.3 per 1,000.

In case you're curious, the rudest drivers in Illinois are in Aurora. Drivers cited for rude behavior: 38.72 per 1,000 (24% ruder than state average). What about Iowa? Sioux City takes the prize there. Drivers cited for rude behavior: 48.36 per 1,000 (33% ruder than state average). Maybe it's because of Sioux City's nickname. When I was at Iowa State, we always called it Sewers City. Yeah, that'd make ME wanna be rude!

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