Blocked By A Vending Machine, Crossing The Border With KFC

Stupid Criminal Files

Football Referees File Charges After Being Trapped In Locker Room With Vending Machine: Things can get heated under the Friday night lights, but the referees that worked the game between Grove City High School and Central Crossing High School last Friday in Ohio think they were trapped because of a controversial call during the game. Specifically, while the officiating crew was being evaluated in the locker room after the game, someone moved a vending machine to block the locker room door. The officials have now filed charges against Grove City. Both the principal and head coach of Grove City has issued an apology, but the officials aren’t satisfied and plan to continue forward with legal action.

Two Australian Men Caught Crossing COVID ‘Border’ With $100k And A Trunk Full Of KFC: COVID quarantines are taken very seriously in Australia, and two men who were traveling with valuable cargo were pulled over by police, who found $100k in cash when they searched the car, along with a trunkful of KFC chicken. The two men were arrested for violating the Health Order and police say further charges are likely. No statement has been released on why they had $100k in cash, or if the chicken was original or extra-crispy.

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