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Back in September, Perdue (you know, the chicken and turkey company) announced that their THANKSNUGGETS turkey nuggets were coming back for another year to help celebrate Thanksgiving. Now, they are introducing two THANKSDIPPINGS sauces to complement the THANKSNUGGETS. They were first introduced in 2020 and sold out immediately, so they decided to mix things up a little with these new sauces:

  • CranBBQ – is a sauce much like real cranberry sauce with a BBQ twist
  • Spiced Apple Honey Mustard – is compared by Perdue to apple and herb stuffing flavor

The VP of Perdue Premium Prepared Foods says people wanted to know what they should dip the seasonal nuggets in, “and some even offered creative suggestions.” If you’re interested in checking them out, you can find them starting tomorrow at 9am ET at the Perdue Farms ThanksNuggets page.

No, I will NOT be serving these at the Manuel family Thanksgiving this year. I AM a little nervous this year, though. Now that my parents are "up there" in age, I've volunteered to cook the Thanksgiving dinner. Will I live up to the level that my mom and grandmothers set? Stay tuned...

Source: Guilty Eats

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Photo: Aldrich, Beatrice (uploader)

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