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Dating A Guy With Hamsters And Rabbits? Get Out While You Can!

Dog, cat and rabbit in studio with white background

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recent survey reveals that men who have rabbits or hamsters are more likely to cheat on you. According to a study of 2,991 single straight men conducted by pet website Moggy or Doggy, 64 percent of men who own rabbits said that they had had at least one affair. While hamsters may be cute and cuddly, you might find hamster owners' feelings about fidelity slightly less adorable. Moggy or Doggy's study found that 53 percent of hamster owners admitted to having had an affair. Dogs are undeniably loyal—and the same can be said for their owners. Just 30 percent of dog owners said they'd had an affair. Dog owners were also among the more generous dates of the bunch, with 76.8 percent saying they usually expected to pay on a date and 66 percent saying they'd give a date flowers the first time they went out.

Really?! Only 76.8% of guys expect to pay on a date?!? It should be 100%!! At least, that's how I was raised...

Link: Best Life

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