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Davenport Flood Plan Presented To City Council

Levee Breech In Downtown Davenport

The Quad Cities saw a major flood in 1965. Then, again in 1993. Now, it seems like every few years we have major flooding, especially in downtown Davenport. More than two years after the last major flood, the findings of a study were presented to the Davenport City Council's Committee of the Whole Wednesday night.

The Mississippi River Flood Resiliency Plan has several proposals, ranging from road detours to projects to protect individual buildings. There was also a proposal for a three-phase plan to improve Davenport's structural defenses against flooding.

PHASE 1: Non-structural programs, like the continued acquisition of property that always seems to get flooded out. Plus, structural upgrades on sewage and drainage.

PHASE 2: Look at more underground systems (sewage and drainage), as well as make improvements to above-ground raising roads or building floodwalls.

PHASE 3: Make sure the improvements in phase 1 and 2 flow together. There may even be permanent pumping stations at four different areas along the river.

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