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Need To Spice Up Your Love Life? Put A Christmas Tree In Your Bedroom!

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Gardening Express conducted a survey of their Christmas tree customers that showed something interesting; one in six customers said they were putting their tree up in their bedroom. Why? One female customer explained that her boyfriend didn’t want a tree in the bedroom “but I said we could stay in bed all day on Christmas and that won him over.”

Gardening Express director Chris Bonnett said of the results “It connects us with nature and reminds us of our earliest ancestors who slept and made love in the outdoors.” There’s another reason, though, best said by a male respondent to the survey, who said “This is my favorite…as they say happy wife, happy life.”

I don't know if putting a Christmas Tree in your bedroom would really spice up your love life, but whatever you do...DON'T put an Elf On The Shelf in the bedroom! Nothing kills the mood more than some creepy elf staring back at you...!

Source: New York Post

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