Hiney Heroes Handing Out Free Diapers

Baby diaper close-up

Photo: Getty Images

If you've ever had to buy disposable diapers, you KNOW how expensive they can be, right? In fact, right now, it's about $80 a month...and you can't use any state for federal aid to pay for 'em! That's where Hiney Heroes comes in! They are teaming up with the Rock Island County Health Department for a drive-through diaper event on December 16th from 1pm to 3pm at the health department (2112 25th Ave in Rock Island). Families can get up to 50 diapers per child.

Hiney Heroes offers help to local families through the generosity of others. They ask if you wish to donate to this 501-3(c) organization, visit its website at hineyheroes.com. All donations are tax-exempt. More from KWQC-TV 6 HERE

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