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Dog Saves Iowa Family From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning


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An Iowa family credits their dog with saving them from carbon monoxide poisoning.Brad Harbert of Ankeny, Iowa, describes his husky/coonhound mix Roxy as “mild mannered” and says she’s usually calm and doesn’t really bark much. So when she woke him up in the middle of the night earlier this week by jumping up and down on his bed, he knew something was wrong.

When Roxy managed to get him to wake up, Harbert heard an alarm that he didn’t recognize. He got up to investigate and tracked the sound to their carbon monoxide detector. Meanwhile, Roxy went down the hall and started scratching on the door of Harbert’s son,Jackson. Now realizing that they were in danger, Harbert immediately woke his son and his father and they all evacuated the home.

Once they were safely outside, Harbert called 911. Firefighters came to the home and with utility workers, they traced the leak to the family’s gas fireplace. And today, Roxy’s family is glad to have her looking out for them. “She’s pretty special to us … I could tell something was wrong that night. She woke me up and just her actions, she was kind of shivering and just really concerned that we were going to get outside,” Harbert says. “[We’re] very very happy to have a dog and very very happy to have her.”

This dog better get a 2-pound steak in his stocking!!

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