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Pepsi ColaCream Donut? YES Please!!

Full disclosure: I love Pepsi and I love donuts. And NOW, you can get them one! Pepsi and Randy’s Donuts have partnered for the first-ever Pepsi ColaCream Donut. It’s a limited-edition snack – the first such venture for Pepsi – that promises the soda flavor of Pepsi along with cream that has Pop Rocks blended in. And on top? Icing in the form of the classic Pepsi red, white and blue logo.

If you want one, there’s a catch – two, actually. They’re only available until February 20th…and they’re only available at the Randy’s Donuts’ OG Inglewood California location.

Here’s the thing. Pepsi’s so excited, that they’re offering some special gifts during the Pepsi x Randy’s giveaway. We’re talking Randy’s Donuts gift cards, limited-edition Pepsi x Randy’s Donuts swag, a year’s supply of Pepsi and Chad Carothers-designed custom Randy’s Donuts sneakers. You can enter to win by scanning the QR code on the Pepsi ColaCream Combo Box or submit an entry form at

Gotta admit, I'm kinda surprised the Hurt's Donuts over at the BettPlex hasn't already created something like this...

Los Angeles Prepares For Ground Transport Of Shuttle Endeavour

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