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Chicken-Shaped McSandwich McRugs From McDonald's

McDonald's Sign

Photo: Getty Images

McDonald’s has joined up with TikToker and rug tufter Madeline Ronzoni (aka @happy.rugs) who has created limited-edition rugs that look like a Mickey D’s chicken sandwich. It’s the Crispy Chicken Sandwich tuft collection of rugs and there are three different designs, all priced at $65.

  • Limited Edition Crispy Tuft – 30-inches wide by 19.88-inches tall and has the combination of fried chicken, bun and pickle with two layers of Spicy Pepper Sauce to give the rug some extra color.
  • Limited Edition Spicy Tuft – This rug has red tomatoes, bright orange Spicy Pepper Sauce, green lettuce and a fried chicken center on a yellow bun. It’s 30-inches wide and 22.95-inches tall.
  • Limited Edition Spicy Deluxe Tuft – A brighter colored version of the Spicy Tuft, this one may take up to four months to arrive.

There’s only a limited quantity available and they can only be purchased on Sundays through April 24th. The rugs go live each week by 1pm and are available while supplies last. The rugs can be found on Golden Arches Unlimited, the McDonald’s apparel and accessories website.

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