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Drink Pop, Coffee, And Eat Chocolate - Live To Be 119!?

Piemonte: Landscape And Taste

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In case you missed it, Kane Tanaka was the oldest person in the world when she passed away last week at the age of 119 last week in Japan. Wanna know her secret? It turns out that her go-to diet wasn’t healthy at all – it included soda, coffee and chocolate.

Interviewed before her death by the Japan National Tourism Organization, Tanaka admitted that she loved “fizzy drinks (especially Coca Cola), but also coffee and chocolate.” “I think the secret to long life is to do the things that you like,” she explained. “Eating the things I like, doing the things I like, I’ve been able to enjoy each and every day.”

Even though Japan has the second longest life expectancy of anywhere in the world and has a healthy diet with health-promoting items like green tea, fish and vegetables and low sugar, she may have figured out that you don’t have to have a 100% strict diet regimen to live a really long life.

Yes...sadly, the key is moderation., back to my coffee and chocolate......

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