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Lawyer Quits $75k Per Year Job To Be...A Pet Psychic!

Female advocate in lawyer’s office.

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Full disclosure: My son, Elliott, is a 2nd year law student at Marquette University in Milwaukee. With $70k per year in student loans, there had better be a big payout if he ditches the law field. Although, it sounds like that's exactly what happened in this case.

A property lawyer decided to start researching how to communicate with animals during the pandemic, and it’s turned into a full-time job as a pet psychic that brings in more money than her legal career did. Nikki Vasconez says she started by practicing on family and friends’ pets, but when she decided to launch a pet psychic business on social media, it exploded.

She charges $350 for a one-hour session and limits herself to two sessions per day. She says the waiting list for her services grew to four thousand people. She says about half of her requests come from people wanting to communicate with pets who have died.

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