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Iowans Are Really Good Tippers!

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Now more than ever, folks in the service industry rely on tips to make a living, but not every patron is generous when it comes to acknowledging the service provided with some extra cash. And it certainly seems that folks in some parts of the country are way more generous than in others.

  • Upgraded Points has come out with a new report revealing where in the country people are tipping the highest and lowest for goods and services.
  • They also looked at why Americans do and do not tip.
  • They determined their findings by surveying 3,500 people for a week asking questions about their tipping habits.
  • The best tippers apparently live in New Hampshire, where 19.6% of residents say they tip 25% or more, followed by Ohio where 19.2% say the same. 

States With The Best Tippers (percentage who tip 25% or more)

  1. New Hampshire (19.6%)
  2. Ohio (19.2%)
  3. North Carolina (16%)
  4. Alabama (15.7%)
  5. Iowa (15.7%) 

Surprisingly, the state with the stingiest tippers is California, where 74.5% of residents admit to tipping 15% or less.

States With The Worst Tippers (percentage who tip 15% or less)

  1. California (74.5%)
  2. Oregon (52%)
  3. Idaho (50%)
  4. Maryland (50%)
  5. Wisconsin (50%)

Other tidbits from the survey…

  • 87.8% of Americans say they always tip no matter what.
  • Over 90% of people always tip their delivery drivers when they order food, and over 70% always tip their ride share driver.
  • But 15% of Gen Z don’t tip their takeout delivery driver, while 35% don’t tip ride share drivers.
  • 65% of Americans say the've felt they should tip more since COVID.
  • 56% of people believe businesses should raise salaries of workers to replace tipping.
  • 30% of Americans think it’s perfectly fine to eat out at a restaurant even if you can’t afford to tip your server.
  • 48% of people say they would take away a tip for bad service. 

Source: Upgraded Points

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