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Wanna Get Hitched In Space? Soon, It'll Be A Thing!

The planet earth taken from the outer space.

Photo: Getty Images

If the thought of getting married in a church, local botanical center, or even the beach seems boring, how about getting outer space? A space travel company wants to give you the opportunity to get hitched at a venue looking down on the third rock from the sun! The company, called Space Perspective, is offering couples an unforgettable way to say “I do” — putting lovers into orbit using a carbon-neutral balloon with giant windows to make the most of the ultimate view of planet Earth.

According to Jane Poynter, the co-founder of Space Perspective, the waiting list to get married amongst the stars is already "light-years long." The company assured its spacecraft, Neptune, offers a gentle experience for newlyweds. According to the website, Spaceship Neptune is lifted to space by the company’s SpaceBalloon and is propelled by renewable hydrogen — with no rockets and none of the associated carbon footprint. Those balloons carry Neptune capsules, which the couples can sit in and take in the beauty of Earth from above. Poynter noted that Neptune staying secured to the SpaceBalloon is a pivotal difference from other travel in space.

No word on what happens when someone shoots a bb gun at the balloon...

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