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Camp Laughing Grass Is All About Marijuana Camping

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A campground in Maine is welcoming hundreds of campers each year thanks to their marijuana policy. Camp Laughing Grass encourages partaking in cannabis in a judgment-free zone. They do, however, discourage drinking in order to maximize the mellow of nature.

Visitors are showing up by the hundreds to a campground in Harrison, Maine where they can partake in marijuana among the rivers and trees. The grounds are appropriately named Camp Laughing Grass and after three years in business, blew up online after a happy camper posted about their experience on TikTok. Some other perks of “cannabis camp” include sparking up wherever you want as well as sampling various strains from local dispensaries. But, you might want to focus on your “kind bud” and leave your other libations at home. The campground’s website says that “While alcohol is not prohibited at Camp Laughing Grass, it is discouraged.”

You think hearing a group of people sitting around the campfire singing songs is annoying, wait till you hear a campground full of stoned people giggling at stupid stuff all night long........!

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