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You Really CAN Die Laughing! Who Knew?!?

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Photo: John Moore / Getty Images News / Getty Images

We’ve all heard somebody at some point say they thought something was so funny that they thought they might “die laughing.” Well, no joke, that can actually happen! Here’s how: 

  • Ruptured Brain Aneurysm – If you happen to be unknowingly walking around with an aneurysm in your brain, one good laugh could make it rupture, and you’re a goner
  • Asthma Attack – Hard laughing can lead to hyperventilation…and that’s a problem if you’re asthmatic and forgot your inhaler
  • Gelastic Seizure – Laughing uncontrollably could be a sign of gelastic epilepsy. It’s rare, though, with 1-in-1,000 kids suffering from it
  • Suffocation – If someone isn’t taking enough oxygen in during their laughing fit, there could be a risk of asphyxiation or even cardiac arrest 

So, be hysterical at your own risk.

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