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Turn Your Old Love Letters Into...Toilet Paper

Basket of toilet paper rolls

Photo: StandbyPictures / iStock / Getty Images

A toilet paper company called Who Gives A Crap is offering members of the public the chance to have old love letters from their exes turned into recycled bathroom tissue for Valentine's Day. Who Gives A Crap is a recycled toilet paper company that launched in 2012, announced its "Flush Your Ex" program will turn old love letters into privy paper.

"Mail us those leftover love letters taking up psychic space in your sock drawer and we'll deliver them to out production facilities, where we magically transform their BS into TP," the company said on the promotion's website. "Because nothing says closure like knowing that someone, somewhere is putting those sweet nothings exactly where they belong."

The company is accepting love letter donations mailed to its addresses in the United States, Australia and Britain. Letters are being accepted through Feb. 29.

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