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Here's The REAL Reason They Have Free Ice Cream Parties On Cruise Ships

Carnival Freedom Cruise Ship

Photo: Ruth Peterkin / iStock Editorial / Getty Images

I scream, you scream, we all scream for the terrifying reason cruise ships throw ice cream parties. Dara Starr Tucker, a singer who’s worked on cruise ships, has revealed the spooky reason ships throw “free ice cream parties” from time to time. In a now viral video, Tucker alleges that the reason these floating hotels hand out frozen dessert is for times when “more people have died on the ship than they have room for in the morgue.”

The singer estimates that four to 10 people out of around 30-thousand passengers died on each of her voyages. “If more than seven people died on that particular ship, they would have to start moving bodies to the freezer, which means they needed to make room in the freezer.” Though no cruise ship companies reached out regarding the video, one commenter replied, “Cruise ship medic here. Can confirm the morgue and ice cream correlation.”

Yet another reason I have never and will never go on a cruise...

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