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Oregon Woman's Tongue Sets World Record

Female sticking out tongue, close up

Photo: Jonathan Knowles / Stone / Getty Images

An Oregon woman earned a Guinness World Record for her unusually sized tongue, which has a circumference of 5.21 inches! Portland resident Jenny DuVander said she was reading the 2023 Guinness Book of World Records with her son when she saw there was a category for largest tongue circumference.

DuVander said she always knew she had a large tongue, and after measuring it at home she suspected it might be record-breaking. Her dentist performed the official measurement by wrapping dental floss around her tongue and then measuring the length of the floss. She officially earned the record with a 5.21-inch circumference.

The newly minted record holder said she is proud of her unusual tongue. She said her massive mouth muscle comes in handy when she is playing the flute.

And I'm sure she was a really fun prom date...wait, was that out loud?!

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