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Butt Cream Is The Latest Facial Skin Care Trend!

A baby in a diaper at the age of two months and a stack of diapers. How to choose baby diapers

Photo: Polina Strelkova / iStock / Getty Images

Talk about a “butt face”…The latest beauty trend involves applying diaper cream to your face in order to combat dry and dull skin. Dr. Shereene Idriss, a New York City dermatologist has gone on record claiming it repairs and heals the skin while locking in hydration.

Dr. Idriss’ go-to diaper cream contains 12-percent zinc oxide, cornstarch, and oat kernel extract. However, experts advise checking with a doctor before trying this trend as it could cause irritation and acne.

Some are calling it the Swiss Army knife for adults with sensitive skin. Got a wrinkle? Diaper cream. Dark spot? Diaper cream. At this point, I'm one step away from replacing my toothpaste with it…because who wouldn't want teeth that are as smooth as a baby's butt….?!

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