QC Ghoul Guide

QC Ghoul Guide

If you're looking for the best haunted houses, haunted corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and every thing else Halloween...YOU'VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE!


TRULY Haunted

Okay, haunted corn mazes and houses are fun...but, what about places that are REALLY haunted? Know of a place that's truly haunted in the Quad Cities area? Send us an email at markmanuel@iheartmedia.com and tell us about it!


Amana - Ghost Corner- in a cemetery there. there is a stone that is said on the last minute of every year a light blue figure hovers over her grave. 

Burlington - National Guard Armory - Reportedly there are doors that won't stay shut and that slam shut by themselves. People working there late at night have heard sounds of Horses and footsteps when there is no one there. A witness saw a reflection of a face of a man with a handle bar mustache in a computer screen and turned around to find no one there.

Burlington - Stony Hollow - Urban Legend - It is said that if you go to that bluff and say the ghosts name 3 times she will appear and if she drops a rose you will die the next day. It is said that a boy did it and died the next day. 

Davenport - Blackhawk Hotel - There has been many circumstances of seeing a lady roaming the halls wearing a red or blue evening gown. There has also been instances of pianos playing in the main ballroom misc. disturbances with employees. Acter Cary Grant also died on the 8th floor and has been seen walking the halls. 

Davenport - Masonic Temple, Brady St. - Currently owned by Palmer College. Security reports many types of haunting phenomenon at all hours of the day. 

Davenport - Palmer College of Chiropractic - One of the lecture halls which were built in the middle 1800's is residence to several ghosts which have been known to fly around the ceiling, causing the hanging lamps to swing back and forth. There are no air vents nor fans even near the ceiling. The occurrence happens on a regular basis and has been witnessed by many classes of soon to be chiropractors. 

Davenport - police station - Bell Tower - When the station was first built the guards used to hang prisoners in the bell tower so no one could hear or see what they were doing. If you go east behind the police station at night and look up to the bell tower you can see a man still hanging in the first window.

Davenport - City Hall - A heavyset man reportedly sits in the city council chamber. They call him Hal. The legend of Hal goes like this. Hal was a citizen who was extremely upset with city government. He ran for alderman of his ward.(3) He lost by a landslide to the incumbent, but Hal wasn't going to let that stop him. He attended every city meeting that was held in the chamber until he died of a heart attack at 63. Hal has been seen at least 100 times. He also has been said to walk around city hall, and former mayors have said they have seen them in their office on more than one occasion. Often times Hal is smoking a cigar. 

Davenport - St. Ambrose University - Ambrose Hall - When there are only a few professors left in the building late at night, they have heard strange noises. They have heard foot steps and seen lights flickering on and off. It's said that it is an old priest that died many, many years ago. 

Dubuque - Grand Opera House - voices , footsteps and apparitions are present here. 

Dubuque - The Ham House - This building is said to be one of the most haunted places in Dubuque. It was once a large private residence, but is now a museum. People have experienced classic encounters such as cold breezes, strange voices and chills running down people's spines. Several of the caretakers have reported objects mysteriously out of place and lights flickering. There have even been reports of eerie cries coming from the servant's house, the master bedroom, and the nursery. 

Dubuque - The Saul House - In 1992 a 14 year old boy killed himself with a knife in his home. And the people that have moved in have said that knifes have been lying in an x on the exact spot he killed himself. 

Iowa City - Black Angel & Little Girl Statues - Reports of a glowing shape walking through the cemetery, believed to be the spirit of the Black Angel. She is also said to watch people and strange lights in connection with this statue. In there with the Black Angel is a small statue of a girl that is set up on a column. If you walk under her and around her she will pick out someone in your group and stare at them until they leave. Also the closer you get to the little girl statue the warmer it gets. The farther you get the colder it gets.

Iowa City - University of Iowa - Currier Hall - According to rumor, a triple suicide occurred on the fourth floor when three dorm mates found themselves to be in love with the same man. They reappear to bickering roommates in order to promote friendship and harmony. There has also been a sighting of an older man on the E300's section of the building. This stern-faced man is the father of a former tenant of Currier Hall. 

Iowa City - Slater Hall - Floor 9 - Legend has it that a young student jumped to his death from the ninth floor. Ever since, footsteps can be heard, screams, and many residents have seen the young man's ghost walking late at night carrying an ax. 

Iowa City - Slater Hall - Floor One - Legend has it that in the 1800's, a man they called "Penguin man" roamed the vicinity looking for young babies whose brains he liked to feast on. 

Muscatine - Greenwood Cemetery - If you walk down the center of the cemetery you will hear the sound of footsteps running at you but when you turn to look at the direction the noise is coming from you will see nothing. A strong feeling of being watched and followed is felt. Even reports of a strange scream that seems to come from the other side of the cemetery but can hurt your ears at the same time. 

Muscatine - Greenwood Cemetery - The Blue Angel - is a statue in the Greenwood Cemetery who used to hold a rose and if the person looking at the angel, if she dropped the rose, you were doomed to death. Eventually some people cut off her hand so that she wouldn't be able to hurt anyone anymore, but at night time her hand was still there, glowing in the night holding the rose that she might drop on you. When approaching the angel you will see the sky turn blood red and when you look at the trees cause the angel is set back all by itself in a cove, the short side of the trees will be swaying and the tall side will not. 

Muscatine - Lutheran Holmes/ Lutheran Drive - Lutheran Holmes now a nursing home use to be an orphanage. There is said to be old tunnels underneath the building but have never been seen. Workers say that on the seven hundred in one of the room every time a new patient comes to that room they soon die. Also the six hundred hall call lights will come on and nobody is in that room. Residents say they see children running at night and asked the staff to ask them to be quiet. Behind is an old cemetery, which is closed and has a no trespassing sign. It is small and consists of mostly orphan graves. You get an uneasy feeling and want to leave. 

Muscatine - Old Hershey Street Hospital - Some times you will be walking past the old hospital and the curtains will flutter or you might catch a glimpse of movement through the balcony. It was present during the civil war times and the owner says that sometimes he hears a stumble or a person limping at night. 


Abingdon - Abingdon Middle School - There have been stories of a teacher who hung herself because her kid fell down the stairs on a tricycle. They have heard screaming and yelling and squealing of the tricycle tires. There have been sightings of the woman and child together again. There has also been blood stains found on the walls of every room and above the steps and on the steps of were she hung herself and the child fell down the stairs. 

Amboy - Franklin Blacktop - There is a house that sits catty-corner from the 4-H Center, it is reported that in the 1800's a man was murdered in his home and buried 500 feet from the upstairs bathroom window. If you go into the master bedroom upstairs, (known as the warm room) no matter if it is the middle of winter the room feels heated. It is also reported that if you are looking into the lower level of the house from the outside you can see a small light appear from room to room. 

Colona - Kauzlarich House - There had been shadows in the halls and things turning on and off without being touched. 

Galena - Many Ghost sightings have been seen and documented in this town. We are the town of U.S. President U.S. Grant; many stories about haunted houses and cemeteries are here. This town is rich on haunted sights. 

Galesburg - Jail Cell - The old Knox County Jawas purchased by Knox College in the 70's, and it is located on the college campus. The front half of the building was renovated and is used for offices and classrooms, but the back half (the cell area) remains untouched and hasn't changed since it was built in the late 1800's. When the jawas still active, an inmate supposedly escaped, ran across the college campus, but was caught and placed back in his cell. He later committed suicide inside the cell on the second level, the second one from the stairs. 

Galesburg - Knox College - Returning from a study group one night, a beautiful coed was bludgeoned with a brick, and left to die on the steps of her dorm. Some say late in the evening, one can smell the essence of perfume in the stairwell, as if the coed keeps a vigil of protection over this dorm. 

Monmouth - There is said to be a man at this cemetery standing and when you go by he looks at you and he is really mean. 

Gladstone - South Henderson Church - A college group from Knox College took a field trip to the cemetery next to South Henderson Church. They took cameras and surveillance equipment and found many weird things. They found millions of orbs and deducted that the cemetery is a gateway to the other realm. 

Kewanee - Amityville House -An old lady died here of a very painful disease shortly before a man hung himself at the same residence. Even though the house has been burned, at certain nights you can hear the blood curdling screams of the old lady, and see the rope from which the man hung himself. The deaths are true and even documented. 

Macomb - Western Illinois University - Bayliss Hall - Room 1117 - It has been reported that a girl who once lived in this room still haunts it today. As the story goes a freshman girl was pregnant but didn't want her parents to find out and so she delivered the baby in her room and then threw the evidence (including the child) down the trash chute. The girl then returned to her room and hung herself in the closet. Today the cries of the baby and the moans of the devastated girl can still be heard.

Macomb - Western Illinois University - Bayliss hall - 501 - Story has it, a girl stayed alone in her room all weekend while her roommate went home. This girl suffered from severe depression. During the weekend, she hung herself in her closet. Her roommate then found her upon returning for the weekend. Strange occurrences now happen such as occasional lights turning on and off, strange noises, and cold spots. 

Macomb - Western Illinois University - Simpkins Hall - This building is the second oldest on campus. It was a grade school, high school, and finally the English building. There is a janitor that haunts the third floor. Many a professor has claimed that the janitor turns off their office light and closes the door while they were still working within. A little girl roams the 1st floor. You can here her little running footsteps and an occasional giggle. If you're lucky she asks if "you want to play". 

Macomb - Western Illinois University - Tanner Hall - In this building, there is a ghost on the twelfth floor. In 1972 a young man ran into the elevator door during a water fight. He fell to his death in the elevator shaft down to the fourth floor. Many occurrences such as people being touched and seeing a mysterious male on the floor have been reported. 

Milan - Milan Manor Apartment Woods - In 1986 a young boy was ran over and killed by a tractor plow. The farmer who was driving the plow reported seeing another boy. The farmer stated the only description he could give of the second boy was, he was wearing a red t-shirt, blue jeans, and had dark brown hair and was around the age of eight. When the neighbors of the deceased boy who resided at Milan Manor Apartments were questioned they reported seeing him last with a young unknown boy fitting the farmers description. There were no reports of the boy in the red t-shirt being seen until 1989. There have been numerous reports of two boys playing in the woods together around dusk. Upon hearing this story a couple of explorers decided to check it out. They took a trip to Milan Manor Apartments parked in the parking lot found a trail that lead into the woods located past the cul-de-sac (circle). They followed the winding trail to a little stream, crossed the stream walking over a piece of lumber, took the path leading to the right, then they came to a fork in the path & decided to take the left path up a hill after we reached the top of the hill we stopped to catch their breath before continuing. As they caught their breath they saw two little boys, one of which was wearing a red t-shirt running into the cornfield as they entered the corn field they vanished. Unable to believe what they had just seen they walked toward the cornfield and was unable to find even a footprint but could still hear the laughter of the boys. 

Monmouth - Cry Baby Bridge - Story says that a bus full of little kids ran off the bridge and they all died. If you go there, turn your lights off, and put your car in neutral; something will push you across to safety. After you are pushed across get out and put powder on your windows and you can see little baby hand prints. 

Monmouth - Sugar Tree Grove Cemetery - This is one of the oldest cemeteries in Warren County. Most of the stones date back to the early 1800's. There is an Indian buried there who was killed by the people trying to settle in the area. Story has it that this Indian was responsible for scalping a white farmer who was working in his field. The community hunted down the Indian a killed him. There has been documented investigations in this cemetery several times in just the past few years. Many uncertain images appear in pictures and audio recordings playback what sounds to be Indian chanting. The area residents discourage anyone from entering the cemetery after dark. This stems from several problems with cult activity in the years past. Many have stated that even on the hottest summer day once you enter the cast iron gates of the cemetery a cool breeze will follow you around. If you travel to the cemetery go to the farthest stone in the southeast corner of the cemetery and you will find the stone of the unnamed Indian. 

Port Byron - Cherry Street - A home that is now torn down, used to be a hospital back in a war. And then later was a nursing home. There has been a man in a hat called "the man in the hat" that has been seen roaming around in the home. Seen by residence and visitors. Smoke in the dining room when no one was smoking. Very strong presence , eerie feelings, once someone heard there name called and no one else was in the home. Very strong eerie feelings even from the street. 

Rock Island - The Villa - The Villa, back in the early 1900's The Villa was a school for girls, like dormitories. The Villa was a Catholic School. The legend has it that the priests would have intercourse with the nuns, then when the nuns were pregnant, they would physically take the baby out of the womb and burry them into the walls. If you go there at night, you can here the aborted babies knocking on the walls, trying to get out. Toilets flushing for no apparent reason, footsteps, and women screaming. There have also been many suicides that have occurred at The Villa on the 4th floor. 

Viola - Cry Baby Bridge - Believed that the ghosts of the bridge push your car across the bridge. 

Warren County - Dead Man's Curve - A few miles east of Monmouth, Illinois, on the original Highway 34, there is a curve that has been the sight of a few car accidents. A midpoint of the curve, there is a tree that a few cars have been wrapped around. The tree is supposed to move without the help of the wind, almost as if it is trying to cause another accident.

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