Do You Steal Trick-Or-Treat Candy From Your Kids? Join The Club!

Trick or Treat

While kids love Halloween because of all the candy they get to eat, it turns out parents love it for exactly the same reason.

A new poll by the National Confectioners Association finds:

  • 79% of parents admit they have taken Halloween candy from their kids after trick or treating.
  • What’s more, 31% say they “stash” some of their favorites to keep for themselves.
  • When it comes to Halloween this year, 80% of folks say they’ll find a safe and creative way to celebrate the holiday.
  • 65% will still trick or treat this year in some way, either by handing out candy or going out with their kids.
  • 80% of parents can’t imagine Halloween without chocolate and candy. 

Wait? 31% say they "stash" it to keep for themselves. Yeah...the OTHER 69% are LYING!!

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