Top 15 Candies To Get As A Trick-or-Treater On Halloween

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Guilty Eats has compiled a list of what they think are the top 15 candies for Halloween 2021. Since Halloween candy isn’t just for kids…you might also be interested in the list – here it is!

  1. Nerds Ropes– a combination of gummy and crunchy texture that’s a popular choice.
  2. King-Size Chocolate Bars– most Trick-or-Treaters know that getting a full size chocolate bar is pretty rare and the houses that give these out are always the most popular.
  3. Carmel Apple Lollipops– the flavor of a real caramel apple in an edible form.
  4. Anything Sour– Sour Patch Kids come to mind first, but sour candies always are a Halloween favorite.
  5. Cookies & Cream Mini Hershey’s Bars– they come in minis or fang-shaped but always tasty.
  6. Milk Duds– sticky, chocolate-covered caramel candy that’s a classic.
  7. Junior Mints – another classic that is basically a candy version of dark chocolate mint ice cream.
  8. Laffy Taffy– another long-time favorite, with the banana flavor especially well-liked.
  9. Pay Day– hard to beat the flavor of real peanuts and caramel in one item.
  10. Hot Tamales– chewy hot cinnamon flavored candies that are always high on any trick-or-treater’s list.
  11. Mike & Ike’s– fruit-flavored versions of Hot Tamales if you prefer this taste.
  12. Twizzlers– licorice candy which people either really love or don’t like but still popular.
  13. 100 Grand Bar– a chocolate bar with crispy rice cereal bits and caramel and a good find in your Halloween bag.
  14. Butterfinger– still popular after decades with the peanut butter and chocolate combination.
  15. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups– Guilty Eats has these as #15, but these classics seem to please just about all Halloween fans.

Their two honorable mentions?WhoppersandCandy Corn, so you can argue about that amongst yourselves. And how did Reese's Peanut Cups rank so low?!?

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